The China Startup Pulse

The China Startup Pulse

The China Startup Pulse is a podcast designed to give startup enthusiasts from around the world a behind the scenes and on-the-ground understanding of what's happening in China's startup ecosystem every week. Run By Chinaccelerator and SOSV, founded by Ryan Shuken & Todd Embley and hosted by Ryan Shuken, William Bao Bean and Oscar Ramos - hackers and hustlers on the ground and at the epicenter of it all in Shanghai, China.

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    One startup, one voice and a huge market! Today we talk about Health Insurtech in China with Sebastian Gaudin, CEO and Co-Founder of the CareVoice

    When trust has become the biggest issue in the Chinese healthcare market, how do you tackle the market and rebuild trust? In this latest episode, Sebastian Gaudin, CEO and Co-Founder of the CareVoice shared with us his experience tackling one of the biggest market in China - healthcare. His solution, “trip advisor” for healthcare, helps bring private healthcare trust and a sense of peace of mind with very simple ideas.

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    How DESIGN helps to validate your business ideas; with Grace Ng, Co-Founder of Lean Startup Machine

    Assumptions will never become facts untill you validate it. How to validate your idea? Design helps. Grace Ng, Co-Founder of Lean Startup Machine shared how and why she built the Javelin Board and many interesting ideas about optimisation in design needs for questions. As a female entrepreneur, she has also observed how the global scene is opening up to women in technology ecosystem.

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    Startup like a rolling stone; trailblazing within the China music and event industry with Archie Hamilton founder and CEO of Split Works.

    Building something that doesn't exist is what some entrepreneurs thrive on. The risk, challenges, and potential drove Archie Hamilton to pioneer an entire industry in China. Archie Hamilton founder and CEO of Split Works, started in 2006 to help build the music festival industry in China. Realizing that there was no audience here, he started to make up the rules and fought to understand his audience while learning how to survive, and built one of the greatest music festivals in China.

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    How to Startup, Step 1; with Trevor Owens, Co-Founder of The Lean Startup Machine

    Step 1: Validate your assumptions! Startups all over the world make the same mistake; they build a startup based on assumptions, with no data to validate a need. Trevor Owens, Co-Founder of the Lean Startup Machine, and author of The Lean Enterprise takes us through his winning method. His vision: "I want to create more millionaire entrepreneurs; if you really want to start a unicorn, it really helps if you already built a successful company, it really helps even more if you have a few million in your bank."

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    Seeking and Taming the Unicorn Startup; 8x8 Speaker Series (3/3) with Peter Davison and David Chen, Unicorn Investors

    PayPal and Pinterest; recognised instantaneously and an embodiment of the Unicorn Startup. This week, recorded Live!, and 3rd part series from Chinaccelerator's 8x8 event in Shanghai, Peter Davison, serial unicorn investor, breaks down the journey of these superstar startups having invested and built up both Pinterest and Paypal. David Chen Co-Founder of Angelvest, the first and largest seed investment group in China, also sheds light on how success is defined by the investor and the secret to getting funded in the East.

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    Riding that Bitcoin Wave; with Arthur Hayes, CEO & Co-Founder of Bitmex

    Founders talk about hard work, as much as good luck. This week, Arthur Hayes, Co-Founder of Bitmex, tells us why to build something that makes money right away, the importance of having supreme confidence in your own vision as an entrepreneur, and cuts right to the core of what bitcoin enables the World to do -financial inclusion and more open trade.

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    Artificial Intelligence is Not Intelligent; Wechat Conference series (1/2); with Andrew Schorr, Co-Founder of Grata, and Edaan Getzel, Co-Founder of Rikai Labs

    Living in China comes hand-in-hand with having Wechat -one does not function without it. With payment solutions, business accounts, taxi services and more, Wechat's efficient utility services are far surpassing the likes of Whatsapp and Facebook messenger. This week, we podcast Live! From the Chat conference -China's largest Wechat conference for the international community, hosted in Shanghai by China Channel and Walk the Chat.

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    CopyChina Mobile Payment Solutions; with Tobias Pfütze, Partner at China FinTech

    "Mobile payments in China are at least 3-5 years ahead of Europe." This week, Tobias Pfütze, Consultant at Mediaman Shanghai, Partner at China Fintech, and G20 delegate for the Young Entrepreneurs Summit, makes a strong case in arguing how Fintech in Asia is not only different from everywhere else, but in fact, proves that China is leading the World in Mobile Payment Solutions, with the Fintech crown jewels of Wechat Wallet and Alipay.

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